Clinicspro integrated web based Administrator portal is a total medical practitioner administration solution, it is very flexible to support your unique needs with user-defined data and built-in report. It will help you manage and streamline all aspects of your medical practice administration.

Administrator portal features :

Clinic Setup

In this section you can manage your clinic profile, your clinic calendar, and you can also manage the access level of your users. You can give your user partial access to certain module or full access depends on their designation.

Employee Management

Employee management section help you to keep a track and manage important informations regarding your employees. You can manage their certification, qualification, experience and their license here

Price Setup

Managing your medicine, service price is not a big deal now when you are using our software. This price setup section will automate your billing flow and process. Once you enter all of your price data here, your billing flow will be as easy as one click.

Insurance/corporation setup

ClinicsPro also let you manage medical enterprise core administration and claim management solutions to healthcare payers. this section is designed to automate all aspects of enrollment, benefit administration , claims adjudication, reporting and more

Patient Data Management

Manage your active and inactive patient data will make you look more profesional because all of your patient data is organized in our software

Analytical Report

Clinicspro also enables you to transform data into information that will help you grow your medical practice. with this analytical report, you can synchronize your data for your analysis and reporting needs

Sales Report

we also provide you with sales reporting section that include an overview of your sales pipeline. unlike standard spreadsheets, our system is designed as an online database with a built-in reporting tool. it will enable the user to report on a range of dates rather than the limited reports found in spreadsheets

Patient Notification

Remind your patients for any important event that they have with your medical practice. you will have numorous benefits in terms of engaging with your patients