Front Desk Portal


Clinics Pro was designed to facilitate a number of various administrative duties with minimal effort including maintaining your practice’s ever changing calendar. With the calendar’s simple drag-and-drop feature, you have the ability to modify any appointment instantly. Our easy-to-use scheduling tool empowers your practice to book and change client appointments, eliminate scheduling conflicts, and coordinate physician schedules smoothly and with more versatility.

Patient Visit Management

Created to give your practice better control, Clinics Pro will help you manage patient visits in their entirety. With our software, patients are able to register and supply insurance information beforehand, giving your practice more time to treat patients. From billing and payments, to electronically stored health records our software will support you in managing every aspect of patient care.

Patient File

Access your patients’ entire medical history as well as their billing information directly on your computer. Paper files are a hassle to organize and take up unnecessary space in your office. Electronic files are much simpler to navigate and more secure.


With our billing feature, your practice can generate invoices and manage patient accounts to see pending balances and past payments quickly and efficiently.