Physician Portal

Patient Visit Management

View and access detailed patient visit summaries in order to give your patients the best care. Immediately view patient vitals, reasons for visit, and much more without having to wait to physically receive a patient’s paper chart. Retrieve and exchange patient data instantly with other healthcare professionals minimizing patient wait time and giving you the ability to treat the patient more quickly.

Patient File

Clinics Pro allows you to view your patient’s medical history, specific health records, prior treatment information, medications and much more. Being able to quickly and immediately access a patient’s full medical file, in its entirety, gives you the ability to choose the proper treatment as you see fit.


Manage your schedule with Clinics Pro’s customizable appointments tool. Our calendar has many different features that help prevent appointment overlapping which equals less money lost. Easily change and create new appointments with our simple drag and drop feature. Our appointment tools will help minimize scheduling conflicts and will alleviate the stress involved with maintaining your clinic’s ever changing calendar.


You can now have the capability to securely access a patient’s detailed billing accounts, insurance eligibility, and payment history anytime, hassle free. Receiving payments will no longer be a tedious, drawn out process. Clinics Pro’s automated features will now help you get paid quicker and without the risk of insurance filing mistakes. Let our software keep you up to date on past, pending, and overdue payments and insurance claims.